Brent Myers

Brent Myers

ERA Myers & Myers Realty

During my 27 years in Real Estate in this area, I've had the opportunity to help a lot of great clients as well as put together an amazing team of Agents that I'm proud to have at ERA Myers & Myers Realty. I've been very select with who I've invited on board to make sure that we operate with the highest integrity and that we have a group that understands how important their actions and transactions are in the life of our clients and our community. Below are the guidelines and statements that I've used to bring this group together and shape who we are as a company.

Our Mission:
To be undeniably known as a company with the highest levels of personal ethics and morals, thus setting us apart as community and industry leaders. We will constantly strive to create an environment where integrity, honor and compassion are valued above all else and our actions and results will be a reflection of those ideals.

Our Vision:
We understand that we have a grave responsibility, duty and obligation to our families, the community, our clients and colleagues to remain industry experts in real estate. As professionals, we share the fruit of our experience with those around us, to bring about successful business results and closed transactions.

Our Team:
Real Estate truly is a team effort and our team has been and will be "hand selected" based on their personal and professional values and their ability to adhere to our core beliefs. As each member of the team will be a direct reflection of the organization, they are expected to represent us in a manner that brings respect and recognition of our high standards and ethics both in and out of our work environment.

Our Goal:
To serve in a fashion that creates trust, educates those around us and creates a win-win for both sides in every interaction. To grow and nurture our team through cutting edge technology, personal and business relationships and community awareness resulting in increasing market share.


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